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Note from Carol

Dear Carol,
Last week, I gave a live, nationally attended webinar entitled “5 Ways to Accomplish a Lot More in a Day” through Lorman. com.
In the following video, which was created as a precursor to the webinar, I talk about the Ways. Fast forward to Minute Two for the “meat” of the content. The video itself is 9+ minutes long but you don’t have to listen to it all to get the benefit.
Click here for the video.
If you’d prefer to just read it, here’s a quick overview of the 5 Ways:
Way 1: Don’t have the meeting. Perhaps a call or a well constructed email will do the trick.
Way 2: Get everyone prepared. This means that, if you are the meeting facilitator, it’s up to YOU to be sure everyone gets a note in their inbox 24 to 48 hours ahead with CLEAR EXPECTATIONS about the preparation.
Way 3: Time: Be sure to begin and end on time. Have a time keeper in the meeting. Assign times to each item. Reduce 60 minute meetings to 45 minutes. 
Way 4: Agenda: Be sure to have and stick to your agenda. Begin and end right on time. Use Robert’s Rules to run the meeting. Do not repeat information to latecomers.
Way 5: Action: Be crystal clear about follow up; who, when, what, and “next action."
Although the above may seem simple, it’s shocking as to how many professionals do not abide by the simple strategies. Maybe they don’t want to take back their workday. If you do, try them on, and let me know how it works out for you! I’m at

Yours in productivity,

- Carol Williams

Evernote Tip of the Month

Use the Evernote Web Clipper to quickly and easily store your endless ideas, as your effective capture, storage, and retrieval system. It is a very simple tool to avoid the hassle of storing multiple bookmarks and its very easy to use.
Once you have the Web Clipper extension added onto your browser, click the elephant icon that appears on your browser toolbar. That gives you the option to save the webpage that you're viewing in its entirety or just sections of it. You can also take a screenshot through the Web Clipper, which can even be annotated. You can highlight or use visuals such as arrows or texts on the screenshot to call attention to the key information. And as always with Evernote, you can share this screenshot or your clipped webpage to anyone with just the click of one button.

People don't resist change. They resist being changed.
-Peter Senge

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