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5 Ways to Accomplish a Lot More in a Day: upcoming webinar 4/7/16

Dear Carol,
I am pleased to inform you of my upcoming live webinar. I think this program will be of particular interest to you and I would like to personally invite you to attend. As my guest, you are eligible for 50% off the registration fee!

Where Did the Time Go? 5 Ways to Accomplish a Lot More in a Day

April 07, 2016

1:00PM EST - 2:00PM EST

Please click here to view the attached marketing publication for more details.

Register online:

Call: 866-352-9539

Discount code: R9993436

Priority code: 15999

I look forward to having you in attendance and providing you with the latest information on this topic!




In the following video, I talk about the 5 Ways. Fast forward to Minute Two for the “meat” of the content. The video itself is 9+ minutes long but you don’t have to listen to it all to get the benefit.

Click here for the video.



Evernote Tip of the Month

How to email into Evernote:

  1. Locate your Evernote email address.

Find your Evernote email address inside your Account Info or Settings. On most of your devices, you can get this by clicking on your username and then Account Info. Here’s where you can find that email address for Android, iOS, and Evernote for Mac and Windows:

Evernote for Windows: Click on Tools followed by Account Info.Your email address will appear next to Email notes to.

Evernote for Mac: Click on your username, then select Account Info. Your email address will appear below Email notes to.

Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Tap your username to access your account Settings. Scroll down and select General and then Evernote Email Address.

Evernote for Android: Tap the Evernote menu, select Settings and scroll down until you see your Evernote email address.

  1. Send an email into Evernote.

When you forward an email into Evernote, enter your Evernote email address into the recipient field. Your subject line will automatically become the title of your new note. Once you send the email message, it will appear as a note when you open Evernote.

Where there is no vision, there's no hope.

       -George Washington Carver

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April 7:
5 Ways to Accomplish a Lot More in a Day: Webinar

April 27: Private Event
Keynote and Workshop Speaker: Granite State Human Resources Conference: Four Strategies to Produce More While Staying Sane Workshop: It's Not Just Lean, It's Tasty
Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown, 700 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101, United States
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April 30: Effective Leadership Practices
Leadership Class at CWE (Center for Women and Enterprise_ Boston, MA) 10 AM

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