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Dear Carol,
Most people I run into say they’d like to be more productive. So, I offer a magic pill for $9.95. I’m kidding, of course.

…Do you ever beat yourself up for not being perfectly productive 100% of the time?

The first step (really) in the ABCs of Productivity is to Accept your reality. This means you must accept yourself. To accept yourself, you must understand yourself. Here’s a snippet entitled “Understand Thyself” from a recent workshop I taught:

Once you do two things, (1) accept yourself and (2) understand yourself, the stage is set. You are getting closer to being “100% productive.”

In this article, we’ll review the four steps to take you through this self-discovery process. By taking the time to complete this process, you’ll be rewarded with a renewed self-understanding, setting the stage for personal and professional growth and productivity. For you readers who are ready to start achieving, please email me and set up a complimentary Discovery call to eliminate those productivity gremlins for good.

Ready? Let’s get started right now with step one, which is a 4-part question:

  1. Question: When are you at your best? (note: This is something most of us never consider. Yet, when considered and followed, a BIG DIFFERENCE can be seen.)
    1. What time of day do you have the most energy?
    2. How much rest and/or sleep would you have had?
    3. What foods would you have eaten (or avoided)?
    4. What would your family relationships look like?

This may seem simple, and not really related to productivity or achieving more. You may have been looking for that magic pill. It may surprise you to learn that while STRATEGIES are important, knowing where you are at a baseline is critical.

Step two involves work systems. Read on HERE.
Download your free worksheet HERE.
Yours in productivity,

- Carol Williams


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 “Thank you so much for coming to our Vermont Recreation Conference. I enjoyed your session and am doing my best to implement what I learned. I certainly have those piles that you speak of and YES they do create stress…THANK YOU!”

–Stephanie Quarenta, Assistant Director Buildings and Community Services, Barre, Vermont

“The body is wise, the confusion is from the mind”

– Aniekee Tochukwu

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