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We can do that: MORE and BETTER. But first, I challenge you, ask yourself WHY. Then ask WHY you want that WHY.

Your first WHY answer might be something like, “…So that I can manage my time better and be more effective at work.” The “why behind the why” is more like, “I am losing credibility with my colleagues because I am generally running late and don't always have what I need for meetings. I think I am going to get passed over for that promotion, and in fact, I am not sure how much longer it may be that I’m employed here. That scares me because my family counts on me for this income, and I’ll feel like a failure unless I can prove that I can excel here.”

 Do you see how different the first “why” is from the second “why?” The second “why” taps into our feelings. Human beings are more motivated by fear of failure than by the promise of self-improvement. True story. One of my clients actually had to go bankrupt before she was ready to do More and Better. At that point, she ceased caring what the “world thought of her”- and went full speed ahead to Being More, Being Better, Being Brilliant.

 If you have been meaning to attend one of my events and have not made the time to do so, there’s an opportunity around the corner, and you don’t even have to leave the office. On October 5th at 1 pm Eastern, I’m doing a webinar (see sign up info in the margin). Here’s a video (9 minutes long) to explain it a big. Fast forward to minute 2 for the “meat” of the program, so you may determine if it’s a good fit for you (if your WHY is strong enough, I mean)!


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- Carol Williams

What strategies did the  New Hampshire HR leaders PLUG IN THEIR POWER on 9/22?

Human Resource Leaders in NH gathered. Steve Gamlin, "The Motivational Firewood Guy" and I each gave a keynote. The result: motivated, inspired, strategy-rich leaders for New Hampshire. Can I get a “woo-hoo?”

 Highlights of “The Power is With You- Plug it in” talk:

  • A great impression of me in a Cher wig (I don’t think anyone caught this on camera)
  • Regarding the above, I was “actually” describing a real HR client…one who had “too many systems” and was starting to become unplugged/unglued!
  • How she Turned It Around, using the ABC’s of Productivity:

A = Accept Your Reality

B = Be Bold. Be Brave.

C = Get Creative and Curious.

Then, we launched right into the Four Most Powerful Strategies/Best Practices I find when I work with all managers, across disciplines:

  1. Bookend your way to success
  2. Map Your Time
  3. Take Inventory
  4. Use Power Blocks
I'll detail the first Strategy. If you'd like the template that I provide to leaders, simply click here for the POWER PLANNER TEMPLATE. 
Many of these strategies may be SIMPLE but they are POWERFUL when implemented. Let’s start with bookending. What holds up the books on a shelf? Right. In the same way, after you’ve  (A) ACCEPTED your reality (that’s where you are today versus where you are when you reach your goal), then decided to (B) BE BOLD, you can Break Down Your Goal into manageable time periods with “bookends” on each side of the goal.

The first bookend looks ahead. The last bookend reflects on the progress between. After that process, you can identify gaps between where you wanted to be, and where you are, tweaking your goal as appropriate along the way. You can do this yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. But now, be bold, be brave, answer truthfully….DO YOU DO THIS? Try it. Finally, C- GET CREATIVE!  It can be fun. It will feel GREAT when you get there. Need help getting started? Call me, we’ll strategize.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

- John C. Maxwell

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