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Note from Carol


In this December “hectic season” it’s easy to get caught up in all the “should-s.” Many of us also get caught up in all the “have to-s” for year-end. I like to simplify. We cut a tree from our back woods. Gifts are made in early December at my son’s craft fair. Most people I know realize that we share smiles, a bottle of wine, and a card…and that works for us.

 How much stress is self-inflicted? Most of it, I’d submit.

 So, when it comes to establishing a new habit, I find that FUN is a critical key component. Are you ready to sing your ABC’s?

Yours in productivity,

- Carol Williams


ABC's of Productivity

ABC, 123, doe rae me, it’s just so EZ! Right? Well, not always, but, if we start a little lighthearted, it makes for opening our minds to better learning.

You may recall that on Nov. 17th, I wrote an article entitled “the ABC’s of Productivity.”

Here’s an overview:

A= Accept your reality

B= Be bold. Be brave.

C= Creativity is King.

Here’s a sheet to download, to help you take those bold actions and break them down into daily tasks.

Once you’ve started down the path of ABC’s (you can sing, but it’s not required), you’ll want to implement the 4 Strategies to Success along the way. I promised you’d get those, and here they are!

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“Every time you learn something new , your mind physically and chemically changes.” 

- Joe Dispenza

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