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Note from Carol: Note the date change: July 10!

Changing it up....NOT July 3rd (first Monday) this month: MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JULY 10TH AT HIGH NOON! We'll be loving up our email (really)? Well, much as this is possible....Here's the dial-in info:

              Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656(US Toll)   Meeting ID: 339 197 716


- Carol Williams

Loving up your Email Inbox-Hot Ways to cruise!

This just in: A way to organize your inbox, stop losing your important communication, THAT’S FUN. (Did I hear her right)? Read to the end for this important tidbit that could truly change your work life!

Summer feels so good! Don't you just want to sit in an inner tube and forget about work? Me, too! I’m opting to keep going with our Monthly Lunchtime Love Calls, because, while I love summer, I love you all too! Let’s share the opportunity to learn and grow, no matter the season. 

For our June call, we talked about how to say NO and have it look like a “yes.” On that call, I had a request for Email/Inbox management/organization/getting out of the crazy of it and, I’ve decided to make this the topic of July.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their email inbox. On the one hand, email can be exciting -- whether you're making progress with a client, replacing a meeting with a (much more efficient) email thread, or receiving an invitation to a fun social gathering.

On the other hand, though, email can be overwhelming -- especially if you lose control.

And boy is it easy to lose control. After all, email is one of the top ways we communicate with a lot of the people in our lives, from our best friends to people we've never spoken with before. Many of us get bombarded by new emails on a regular basis, and it's stressful to know that we might be missing out on the truly important stuff amid the flood of less pertinent stuff.



So…how do I organize my inbox for peak efficiency? Is this your question? While there are good answers, the confusing, and even overwhelming, part of this puzzle is that there are TOO MANY CHOICES TO ORGANIZE IT.

  • Microsoft Outlook: you can take a course to become more productive with your inbox.
  • Following up: (Oooh! Do you remember that was a Lunchtime Love topic)? Here’s an add-on called “follow up then”
  • IFTTT (If this, then that): This is a free add-on that is nearly limitless in its capacities, and can be used to manage email in many ways: For example, you can send email attachments to Dropbox, save starred emails to Evernote, schedule reminders tomorrow for the emails you star in your inbox today, and the list goes on! 

Here is my favorite way: The Email Game.

This is a free add-on that turns an EXTREMELY BORING task into a little bit of fun.

Let’s face it, a big reason you may not wish to deal with your email inbox is that this task seems boring, a waste of time, and essentially, very un-fun. Who’s with me? Come join us July 10th for making email fun!


email inbox chaos to calm

"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them."

- Paul Hawken

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