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In our last blog, we turned the idea of interruptions on its head.  This week we look at ways in which you can learn to manage interruptions and how to maximize your time, which is what you have come to expect in reading this.

Hands down, the most common interruption is our phone. Not phone calls. That was so 1995. Who calls anymore, anyhow? It’s texts, notifications, banners. Yup. And when the phone is not interrupting us, we are interrupting ourselves.

“Compulsive use of mobile phones and computers is an addiction, similar to sex, drugs, and alcohol.”

John Ratey, Clinical Psychologist, Harvard University

Some people are “ok with their addictions.” It’s acceptance, which is really powerful. How are you doing with your Phone Addiction? No, really? Try no phone for a day. They have a name for this. It’s Nomophobia. Try it. At first you will have jitters. At some point you will calm down. Later, you will not only be productive, but peaceful.

Try it.

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