Dear Carol

What’s so great about perfection, anyway?

Come to our lunch club this month. We’ll be looking at whether “the Midas touch” is a good thing, after all and how “perfect” may not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

Tomorrow’s group coaching session "What to give up if you wish to be perfect" is at 12:00hrs EASTERN TIME.

Here's a little taster of what to expect:

Sounds great doesn't it?

Then don't miss tomorrow's coaching session

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I’ll be there! I can’t wait to meet you.


Here is what is in store for the next six months:  

  • October - Perfection
  • November - Sleep: The Secret Sauce
  • December - Morning Success = Lasting Success
  • January - Motivation that lasts
  • February - More time, less stress
  • March - Go from reaactive to proactive

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Carol Williams

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