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This month’s topic is all about sleep. 

So what if you don't sleep well or much?  Do you hear yourself say "I'll sleep when I die"? WILL die faster when you don't sleep. One of the number one ways to ensure great productivity is to sleep more. My son, who thought he had bipolar disorder, found that by "really honoring" (his words) his sleep (both hours and regularity) he "was much more productive" and "could think in school" and "didn't feel like trash."

And the opposite is true, right? Poor sleep can result in poor productivity, poor food choices, less motivation to exercise, etc. How do YOU get the right sleep for YOU?

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3 Things to do to stop compromising your sleep

What does a good night’s sleep look like to you? Is it seven or eight hours, maybe more? But a “good sleep” is about much more than the hours of shut eye you achieve on a nightly basis. It also means the right kind of sleep.

Sleep affects our ability to function; our ability to use language, sustain attention, our comprehension of written and spoken word, so if we lose out on that secret sauce, then it stands to reason that we may compromise our performance, our mood and our relationships with others.

Before we talk about 3 things to do to stop compromising your sleep, let’s identify the WHY. Why is it so hard to get a good night’s sleep?

Ahhh! The frustration! You settle down for the night, only to find yourself wide awake, tossing and turning until the wee small hours. Why? Well, there are a few reasons why this might be happening and, ways that you can help yourself:

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