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Even when the days get shorter, we can find those moments of peace and serenity when we wake up a little earlier. 

My mornings are my most sacred and special times. My most favorite part of my day is often that first hour. My idea first hour involves coffee, stretching, and allowing the free flow of ideas and "downloads" come into my mind. It is the place where the conscious and subconscious meet.  To this end, I am going to be launching "Carol's Weekly Wisdom" - most likely on Facebook. So if you have not yet "liked" my business page, please do (Efficient Productivity Systems).

Many leaders have routines. Most involve capturing the power of the morning. Some read books, some meditate, others write.

What's your number one morning ritual?  What's one thing you'd love to see that you are not seeing right now? Read the blog and leave me a comment, or just hit REPLY. I'd love to know...

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Morning Success = Lasting Success

It’s amazing to think that one small tweak in your routine can change the outlook of your day. We’ve all heard that if we “wake up earlier, we’ll be more productive” and that can be true. There’s something relieving in starting your day before everyone else and amazing how much more you can achieve in those rare, precious minutes of quiet before the household stirs.

But, setting the alarm thirty minutes earlier is only the beginning of the story. If you’re going to sacrifice thirty minutes of precious rest time, then you owe it to yourself to maximize those minutes. Here’s how:

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