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Happy 2020!

How are your New Decade Goals/Intentions going? I'm presuming, here, that you have a "Desired Outcome." Need some ideas about "how to fit it all in?"

If yes, this blog is for you. Before you read it, please consider this.

1. Are my habits supporting my Desired Outcome?

2. Are my systems (time management system, CRM system, financial system, organizing sytem) supporting my Desired Outcome? 

3. What is one thing I can do, today, to inch forward in closing the gap between my "wish" and my "reality?" 

Take it in babysteps.

Ending world hunger is a noble Desired Outcome, and, it may start with a $25 donation. For you, perhaps it is stopping those "pesky people" from interrupting you. Perhaps they are co-workers who drop into your office. Perhaps it's family members. What "loving boundaries" can you set? How can you say "YES" to you/your team and "YES" to your family/constituents?

It's possible!

One step at a time.

Read the blog and leave me a comment, And/or hit reply. I'll help you start to unpeel the onion and find the way to peaceful productivity for 2020.

I've got you- and you have got this!

AKA Cindra, goddess of fire

Featured Article

More time, less stress: top 3 time wasters and what to do about them

If you could have the proverbial three wishes, I’m guessing one of those would be to gain more time in some form or another; more family- time, for the kids to not grow up so quickly, for more “me-time”. But, have you considered just how much time is wasted in the everyday things we do?

For most of us, routine is what gets us through the day. We wake up at the same time, we follow the same routine of grabbing a coffee, maybe heading along the same route to the same gym class. We head to work and do the same tasks, grab lunch from the same place and our evening activity is par for the course.

But, have you considered that there could be time-sucking habits which have crept into your routine that you don’t even notice or question?

Whatever your routine, when you first established it, the driving force would no doubt have been that the string of steps was an effort to time-save. That, if you got up at 6am, you’d have time for an hour in the gym, before heading out the door to drop the kids at school, arriving at your desk ready for the day to unfold.

Sound familiar?

These steps may have been effective when you started out, but when was the last time you reviewed them? Questioned whether that schedule is still as effective as it once was? Are you sure that little “time-sucks” haven’t crept in somewhere? Perhaps, instead of getting the kid’s stuff ready the night before, for them to “grab and go” in the morning, you’re now spending time searching for that elusive sports kit, or packing their lunch when you really should be heading out of the door? Maybe you agreed somewhere along the line to car share and now have to pick up a colleague on the way to work? Have you considered the minutes spent waiting at their house? If this is you, then it’s time to review your routine and reclaim some time!

Here are three top timewasters and how you can minimize the stress and maximize the time:

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