Dear Carol

“I just need more time in the day! After all that urgent stuff is done,

I cannot seem to get the important but less urgent done.”

Is this you?

Has it got you feeling in a slump?

Searching for energy that just seems to have disappeared?

Come to our monthly Wisdom Warrior group on 2/10 at noon. We’ll be discussing ways you could be jeopardizing your own energy and ways to regain your “get up and go”.

I have changed this monthly group to FREE and the content is invaluable! So, register, invite a friend, and get ready to soak up some amazing wisdom. You will walk away motivated, inspired, and have the answers to your most burning questions answered. See you then!

Here's a little taster of what to expect

Sounds great doesn't it?

Then don't miss tomorrow's training session

Here are a few words from those who have been coming for a couple of years:

  • “It’s so refreshing to know that other people are going through similar struggles.” (hint: community is key!)
  • “I can’t believe how energized and motivated I am after only one hour.” (wow!)
  • “It’s amazing how easy things seem after this lunchtime group session.” (We cannot see our issues sometimes…we need others to help us get that clarity to move forward…)

I can’t wait to see you there.


Here is what is in store for the next six months:    

  • March - Go from reactive to proactive
  • April - Remembering to remember
  • May - Over giving
  • June - The most unexpected place to find more energy
  • July - Break through the stop/start pattern you've had over the years 
  • August - Keeping a focussed mind



Carol Williams

Efficient Productivity Systems


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