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This is a tricky subject. Why?

Because most times...we actually Do Not Realize we are in "reactionary mode." It's a process and the first step is "to pay attention."

OK cool...How?

Well, in real life, it looks like this: "Wow, I can't believe that guy just cut me off in traffic! Can you believe the audacity of some people? They just don't think of others. It's sickening." Then, what happens? Well that situation can really eat away at you. Then your peace is disturbed. What happens then? A chain reaction.

  • You might be short with your kids/loved ones;
  • You might get into an accident
  • You might forget an errand
  • You definitely are not going to be Thinking Big.


How did you react today? Or yesterday? We all do it. Hit Reply, or, read the blog article and leave a comment. I'd love to know how best I can serve you on the Free Training March 9th.

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In reactionary mode? Go from reactive to proactive in 3 easy steps.

How skilled are you in “Mastering the Moment”? You know, those life situations where you feel overwhelmed, albeit temporarily, by anger, despair, nervousness or confusion. In these situations, how we chose to deal with these negative emotions can make the difference between proactive versus reactive behavior, success and failure.

The problem with “reaction” is that it happens after the event. It’s how we act when faced with an already-occurring situation and is governed by the event itself. We let the event control our behavior while we scramble just to stay afloat. Proactivity, on the other hand, allows us to face situations with some degree of confidence, with an “I’ve got this” kind of attitude. You’ve anticipated any struggles along the way and instead of running away from them, you’re able to accept them as part of the ride.

Being proactive isn’t a gift given to some and not others; there are ways that you can develop this quality and roll with the ebb and flow of the tide, instead of constantly crashing against the shore.

Here are three ways to help you:

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