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Reducing reactions when you have AD/HD

In last week's newsletter, we delved into the change of mindset that is needed to enable us to switch from a reactive mindset to a proactive one. In this blog, we’ll be discovering how those with an AD/HD brain can deal with heightened reaction.

Many people with AD/HD are really sensitive and emotional. And, as amazing of a gift as this is, it can get in the way. The AD/HD brain has a different working memory structure. This can allow an emotion to become too strong, flooding the brain with intense emotion. This part of the brain distinguishes between dangerous threats and more minor problems, so an AD/HD brain can find it difficult to deal “rationally and realistically” with events. This can feel like a real burden at times; you may experience strong emotions to something that others seem to take in their stride. It might feel like you’re out of control and you should “just be able to control it like everyone else.”

The great news is…learning about and accepting what’s going on can really help.

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