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Does all this pandemonium  have you forgetting stuff?  Read on...

Consider this scenario:

You say yes. Of course you will. You want to.

Then you get the text. "Why aren't you here?" Oh sh&t!"

Or else....later (after you have said YES) you realize you have another commitment. What do you do? Nothing because you don't want to disappoint anyone. So you disappoint someone. Namely, YOU. There you go again.

Sound familiar?

Following through- at work with a deadline situation, with an appointment (personal OR professional), or with a friend-date, all of these can be really challenging. We live in a fast paced world. You have lots of interests and want to be your everyone. You should be able to do it. All of it. Well. Never forgetting ANYTHING. Or are a Failure. And who would be okay with that?

Our brains are not meant to carry it all around. It's not possible. And, we can expand our brain capacity. And we can use tools to accommodate the rest. And we can make better choices. And we can learn to listen.  

What will you do differently, now that you have pondered these situations?

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