Hi Carol,

We all want calorie-free cake. And one that ramps up our Productivity when we are pulled in 100 directions, cooped up at home with our family 24/7? Heck, yes!

Next week, I have the honor and privilege to be a part of the 2020 Free Training Webinar Series through Hydrate Marketing.

On Wednesday April 15 at 1pm Eastern, I will join Dan Evans, Marketing Guru, and guide you through the layers of my productivity cake and how they apply to today's work environment. 

On Thursday April 16 at 9am Eastern, Dan will  be hosting a social media webinar that is sponsored by the Upper Valley Business Alliance.

Being Productive at Home
You can have your cake and eat it, too!

Wednesday April 15 - 1pm Eastern

In this one-hour webinar, with Dan as my co-host, I'll guide you through the different pieces that make up the layers of my productivity cake. A sneak peak: the health layer is the foundation because our brains need sleep and rest in order to thrive. I'll also explain the importance of other tiers, such as the environment layer. The icing on top? I will show you how to sharpen the saw and bring your productivity to a level 10! Dan and I are looking forward to this exciting webinar and are hoping you'll join us and ask some questions. 



Staying Social While Being Distant 
A social media how-to & why

Thursday April 16 - 9am Eastern

Now more than ever, customers, donors, stakeholders, and fellow "distancers" are looking to social media for information. This means that you need to be proactive in providing useful content, and available to connect with your audience. In this free one hour webinar for beginner to intermediate social media users, we'll discuss why being active on social media is critical for your business or organization, and we'll show you some tips and tricks across multiple social media platforms. 




I can’t wait to see you there. Get your fork ready!

Carol Williams

Efficient Productivity Systems


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