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More energy. Need that? 

Yesterday I was on a call with a person who was working from home and feeling burned out. She was grateful to have the work. She was doing her best for self care. Yet, she was tired.

As it turns out, she missed being in the office. She missed dressing up. Does this sound familiar? 

As the conversation unfolded, we realized that she received approval from "others" in being well-dressed and put together at the office. When that was brought to light, what came forward was the need to be more gentle with herself. Be okay with NOT being so productive all the time.

Imagine that. 

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Feeling drained? Find unexpected ways for more energy here!

There are always going to be times when we find ourselves feeling odd, perhaps emotional, and generally a bit ‘out of sorts’, and sometimes it’s hard for us to put our finger on just what the cause is. However, if you’re feeling funny and not quite yourself right now, there are more than a few easily identifiable reasons…

Why right now?

The strange Covid-19 world we’re currently experiencing is creating all sorts of issues for people, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s draining for a lot of us, and for plenty of reasons.

You may have more people at home than you’re used to. Our social batteries often only last so long, especially if you’re somewhat introverted, and expending extra energy just being around more people more often, can be exhausting. Maintaining an upbeat tone or trying to stay positive for other’s benefit can take its toll.

Alternatively, if you’re an extrovert and have been thrust into a more isolated lifestyle, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed with loneliness or boredom. Your energy comes from being around others and to suddenly have that taken from you will mean you’re likely to feel drained of enthusiasm.

You may have noticed it’s taking more work to achieve the same thing. Just ‘running out to the store’ seems a thing of the past, now with lines and social distancing rules, meaning you can’t simply grab and go as you once would have. If you’re tired and drained of energy, you may be approaching tasks with a less than enthusiastic attitude compared to normal, even if it’s something you usually relish.

Our day to day routines and patterns have been increasingly interrupted. You may be getting up later or going to bed later than usual, your mealtimes may have been thrown out of sync, not to mention any exercise routine, even if it was simply walking to work. And this interruption has a clear effect. When our patterns are interrupted, we may tend to eat more, and eat less healthily. This in turn means we’ll have less energy and so we find it easier to skip exercise, creating a vicious cycle.

So, what can be done?

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