Streamline your Biz and Life in 2020

Do you really, truly, this time for REAL want 2020 to be “your year”?

>>Is there Never Enough Time?

>>Are you Tired of Never Meeting Your Revenue Goals?

>>Feeling Exhausted from Running In Circles? 

This is the year you FINALLY get out of your own way and put your creative genius to work! Ready to.....

>>Simplify your life

>>Upgrade your productivity game

>>Focus on what matters in running an efficient business


Is this you?

>> Are you brilliant, energetic, and high energy, but sometimes feel scattered and struggle to stay focused on what you really want?

>> Do you feel passionate and called to make a difference, and, find yourself “all over the place” more often than you would like?



If you are saying “yes” or “maybe” on. Is this you?


You have been told to “just do it.” “Just get organized. Here is a book. Go read it and do what it says.”

You try the book, you get bored with it, you skip sections, you try a little bit, and it doesn’t work. You give up and feel defeated. Later you get another book. You try again. Maybe you just need another book, “the” book. Or maybe you are not cut out to be focused, organized, and to ramp up your hobby.

Until now. Now you are ready. There is a shift. 2020 is your year to shine.

And shine you will.

Because now, there is a course. It’s a group. This means you have community. This means there are PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU who will walk this road with you. You will not feel weird or dumb or unaccomplished. You will step into your power and your wholeness. And you will do it all under the guidance of Coach Carol, who has walked hundreds just like you down this path to believing and achieving. Confidently.

Streamline your Biz and Life 2020 Program will help you to...


You will finally be able to focus on one thing, “the” thing, that you have been trying to do and just have not been able to find traction/sustained momentum.

Run Your Business Your Way.

Create a business model for YOU so that you keep the momentum going, bringing your life into harmony and your business from hobby to real

Be Real.

Feel courageous, whole, accomplished.

Stop worrying.

About what others think of you, failing, being afraid to “get out there”

Plan with Ease.

Learn the secrets of planning you can live with, without feeling constricted or “scheduled.”

WOW! What would that be like for you?

This is it.  3 Month Program designed for smart, but scattered, Entrepreneurs just like you.   And enrollment is open now!

Streamline your Biz and Life in 2020

Program runs from January  7 to March 17
Meeting Days:  Tuesdays from 1 to 2pm, Eastern time

Included in this 3 month, kick butt program:

>> Learn as a group (virtual) 3x each month for a total of (9) one hour sessions.

In a group, you not only get YOUR questions answered, but the questions of others...that you may not even have known to ask! The learning is amplified.

>> Unlimited, private "Just in time" support through a special client portal from your coach

You don't have to "wait" until Tuesday. CoachCarol will answer you though her version of the Batphone!

>>Learn the 5 steps of Organization from a Professional Organizer and Coach who makes systems FUN: Carol takes you through her proven Success Path for busy and scattered entrepreneurs just like you. 

We will cover systems including time, paper, electronics...and in the process get you a Brain Reboot!


>> Total Investment: only $1,500 (note: private 1:1 coaching for this time frame is $4500 ) or ($597/mo X 3 mos.)



 YOU Choose how to Succeed: Save money (pay in full) or enjoy 3 easy installments...

Two Early Options, saving money and getting MORE!


Pay in full and save money Only $1500....SAVE nearly $300 

Streamline My Success- Pay in Full and Save Money


Watch your cash flow. 3 installments at 30 days apart, $597 each 

Streamline My Success - Payment Plan have 30 full days in the program to decide if this is "good for you." IF you show up and do the work, and decide "nope it's not for me" are 100% there is NO risk to saying YES to yourself.

  • You don't have to "just try a little harder yourself" anymore.
  • You don't have to procrastinate (we know you're really good at this) anymore.
  • It's a gift you give yourself, that will allow you give limitlessly to others.