Better Together in The Lunchtime Club - Special offer for you as a Former Client

You know how it is...

- Working on your own to grow a business, or get yourself to the next level in your work

- Wishing you could connect with like-minded others 

- Wanting to have a coach at your side to help with focusing on your goals- so much can get in the way!

And now you can have it!  Here is your chance with The Lunchtime Club

In this monthly group coaching program, you will ...

You will no longer be "going it alone." When people try to up their game, the hardest part can be the DIY. Motivation comes and goes.
Work gets in the way. Life gets in the way. The solution to these roadblocks is to employ an external structure which keeps us on track. But that can be costly. This program is very cost effective, well rounded, and allows for community interaction (yet another key to success!).

  • Very Low Cost (almost ridiculously affordable)
  • Low commitment (monthly) for effective and high return (many past members report immediate results in their productivity and life)
  • High results, high energy, high motivation...from Carol AND the other members

Wouldn't that feel AMAZING and help to keep you engaged and growing your momentum?

Enjoy The Lunchtime Club for a tiny fraction of the usual group coaching investment! Normally, a group coaching program like this would be about $100 month. Therefore, a year would be about $1200.

Carol is offering this opportunity to join her Lunchtime Club community for only $397 $197 for the whole year (not $1200!!)

Here is what is included:

>> Monthly Virtual Group Coaching- typically the first Monday of each month from 12 noon to 1:00 pm Eastern.

>> Collaborating with other like minded individuals for additional support

>> Access to all all past and new (as long as you're a member) Lunchtime Club Group Session Recordings, an escalating value starting at $150.

Words from current members:

After only a month:

“Carol, you're just a great source, strength and light for me and my business. I've never felt so good about having a coach. Deep bow."

- Heidi Smith, South Carolina


Does that sound Amazing?

Enroll Today!