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From Scattered To Serene – How to change the habits of a lifetime

Some people are chronically disorganized. For them, life pretty much resembles the college dorm of years gone, except now, instead of laundry littering the floor, dirty plates and study books, it’s their kids’ “stuff”, work papers and, oh wait…the laundry is still there. Please know that “neat” does NOT equal “organized.” But there is definitely some cross-over.

There comes a time when disorganization will catch up with you. In business, that late payment because you lost the payment slip could have disastrous effects. That missed meeting could have been a great new contract, and in your personal life you might never get another chance to make those particular memories.

But, while a certain amount of disorganization can be kind of “cute”, if you live your entire life in this manner, you could be stifling any kind of growth, whether business or personal.

But, fear not! Here are my 3 top tips to reigning the chaos in and being the paragon of serenity (at least some of the time, at least)

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As a valued member of my community, I am reaching out to you with a special gift - a free copy of last month's coaching call.

I’m pleased to offer the TEACHING portion of this call to you, for a nominal fee. For only $19, FREE THIS MONTH ONLY you will be able to download and save the audio forever. You can listen again and again. Then feel free to come to our next call to discuss! I’d be happy to go over anything from a past session.

In this call we learned:

- Ways to say NO and actually do MORE

- How earning more money and NO are related

- Creative ways to say NO and have it feeling like a YES to the recipient


So that we might yield the following results:

- getting more done in less time with far less stress

- earning much more money and creating a bigger impact in our work

- finding our physical and mental health up-leveled beyond our wildest dreams


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I’ll be there! I can’t wait to meet you.

This month's Lunchtime Love Club call: Serenity in only one hour!

The Main Event: 05.06.2019 From Scattered to Serene

Mark your calendars now : Monday, May 6th at noon Eastern.

I run these calls through ZOOM. This allows us to see each other and allows for a larger degree of interaction. If you do not have video access, you can still call in as needed.

I’m looking forward to a content rich, engaging, and powerful session with you.

“It was SO worth the time; your generosity overwhelms me. Thanks so much”

- Paula Matthews, HR Compliance 101, Lunchtime Love attendee 

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But don't take my word for it. Listen to those who attend!

What people are saying after they experience The Love ... (Lunchtime CLUB Group Coaching)

  • "It's so refreshing to know that other people are going through the same struggles"
  • "I can't believe how energized and motivated I am after only one hour"
  • "It's amazing how easy things seem after this lunchtime group"

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